Tuesday, November 17, 2015


It was one of those days where I only had short chunks of time spread throughout the day.  I started this piece outside but didn't get very far when I had to leave the house again.  So I snapped a photo of the sunlight I was using and played a little more with it after dinner, but then a science experiment called for help.  Have you ever extracted the iron from breakfast cereal with a magnet?  Now I have.  I'm worn out from figure skating, driving kids to appointments, karate with my son (I am still working towards a yellow belt) and I am giving myself permission to finish this tomorrow.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sandra, you had a BIG day, and unfinished art is still art! Even small chunks of time can be productive, as you have shown in this lovely beginning.

Stacie said...

That is a busy day! I'd say you deserve a rest.

When I homeschooled my son we did lots of science experiments, but we never extracted iron from breakfast cereal. Sounds interesting. Yes, family demands so often conflict with our artistic goals and desires. I know balance is important, although easier said then done. Good for you for persevering! :-)

S Vogel Jessop said...

It's nice having an art community out there. Thank for stopping by!