Thursday, October 5, 2017

Time Travel for Illustration Friday

"Time Travel" ©Sandra Jessop, Watercolor&Ink 6x8"

I admit, I had trouble with such a broad topic and didn't like any of my initial ideas. I even asked my son for help, hoping for inspiration. I kept thinking of The Time Machine, Dr. Who, and Back to the Future.  I couldn't figure out how to make it my own.

One night as I tried to fall asleep, this image started swirling around in my mind.  I was both thrilled and annoyed.  I was happy I finally had an idea I liked, but irritated at the timing because I was  exhausted and just wanted to fall asleep.  However, I did not get out of bed to draw it, but determined I would remember.

I'd say I'm pretty happy with the finished piece, if I ignore my super critical inner voice.  (She's so picky.)  The steam punk vibe is not something I've tried before, but I might try again.  The research was fun anyway.