Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Winter Weather

Sharing this fantastic photo of the sun shining through as the storm clouds pass by.  This contrast is one of my favorite ways to see the mountain.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Desert Hike

Years ago I discovered Illustration Friday, and created a blog to be part of that.  Then I found Creative Every Day, and again, needed a landing page for my updates (until I realized how much easier it was to post my Creative Every Day progress on Facebook). 

The focus of AzureViewArt blogspot remains art related, including those aspects of my life that influence what I choose to paint or draw.  Hiking and geocaching have always been fun for me, and have inspired some artwork that I'm very proud of, so I intend to get out there more this year. Maybe I'll repeat the trails that were particularly stunning and find some new ones.

Along the way I'll be snapping reference photos to use later for paintings and illustrations.  There was a time when I kept a giant folder of my own photos grouped by category, for when I wanted to look at something (such as a fence in a snowy field but it was still summer).  A few times I even projected slides onto a wall to duplicate being there.  Now it's all digital.  

Plein air painting always produces wonderful results, but it's not always practical. I prefer to do my sitting at home and my walking outdoors.  So I leave you this rainy desert day, with a pic from my second hike of the year.  

Hike #2