Friday, December 5, 2014

Advent Calendar

I wanted to make my own advent calendar this year, so I searched the internet for ideas. I knew the one I made would have to be deep enough to hold little candy treats for the children.  (And since was only going to make one, it needed to have room for two treats in every door).

I also recently read a book that took place in the Netherlands, and was fascinated by the description of the houses, so I spent a lot of time looking at pictures of "Holland houses" for inspiration.  Here's a few photos of my project!

The kids are enjoying finding mini Dove chocolates, mini York peppermint patties and gold wrapped chocolate coins.  Andes candies would have worked really well too, since they're small and flat, but I couldn't find them that day.

I cut the openings in the poster board directly on top of the mat board, to help indicate where the foam board needed to be built up.  It took two layers to reach the height I wanted.  I was trying to use stuff I had around the house the day after Thanksgiving.  

After all the openings were cut and the foam board in place I painted the top with acrylic.  I added a string to the top for hanging, but they decided to lean it against the wall on a small table.  The only thing I had to go out for was the candy to fill it.  The house is about 20 inches tall and 12 wide.

Photo after day 4.  I kind of wish there were pictures behind the doors for something to look at once they open, but I wasn't prepared for that.  Maybe next time...

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dollhouse food

My daughter and I have been working on making tiny things for the dollhouse.  We bought one pack of white Sculpey clay thinking we could use it for anything and then paint it the color we needed. But later we did find it challenging to paint such little pieces!  We're pretty happy with the results.