Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Five Little Chickadees, small watercolor

©Sandra Jessop, "Five Little Chickadees", watercolor & ink, 5x7

The Chickadee

Piped a tiny voice hard by,

Gay and polite, a cheerful cry,

" Chic-chicadee-dee! " Saucy note

Out of a sound heart and a merry throat,

As if it said, " Good day, good sir.

Fine afternoon, old passenger!

Happy to meet you in these places

When January brings new faces! "

Friday, January 19, 2018

Guitar Walking watercolor illustration

©SandraJessop, Guitar Walking, watercolor, 5x7

Old Man Jasper remembered the days of his youth.  Each year he walked into town with his guitar, hoping to play at Music Days.  The first year they smiled and told him he was too young.  "Come back when you're older," they said.  The second year they chuckled at him, "You need to keep practicing."  So he played day and night for the next year.  The next year they told him he needed more experience.  So he took his guitar with him everywhere in the village and played lovely music.  He strummed in the corn fields, he picked in the barn, and he played at his grandma's funeral.

This year he was older.  And practiced.  And experienced.  This was going to be his year.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Letter 'A' illustration

©SandraJessop, colored pencil, 8x8

A is for Angels
A is for Apples
A is for Acorns

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Map of Davenfield

Map of "Davenfield" 
@Sandra Jessop, watercolor, 8x10

~Elise had a wonderful time visiting her cousins for Christmas, but she couldn't wait to get home and see her animals.  First, she would scoop up the kitty and give her a great big hug!  Next, she'd run to the barn with a carrot for her horse.  
The train ride felt extra long today but soon it was whistling into Chesterport.  Almost home!~