Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Travel for Illustration Friday

Another one of those topics where I came up with the rough sketch quickly, but then, distracted by preparations for a camping trip, didn't paint it until a week later.  I am now realizing that "travel" was the thing that pulled my focus from finishing "Travel".  Maybe I should add a picture of a tent in the rain.

Found this photo from the camping trip, after I already made the drawing. Look familiar?  I guess my mind was working on it and didn't even know it.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pathtag and Letterbox stamp

If you are a geocacher, you might find one of these pathtags in a cache. Pathtags are personal trading items, used most often in geocaching.  They are about the size and weight of a US quarter or a one Euro coin. People create a design, have it made and start trading.

This is the pathtag I created for our family with animals that represent us, using our dog's face again, as I did in creating our stamp for letterboxing.  We haven't yet found an actual letterbox, but this is a picture of the log from a geocache/letterbox hybrid we found in Massachusetts.  Each letterbox has its own stamp image that you collect in your own book.  At the same time you create your own stamp and leave that image at the letterbox book.

Candiazoo pathtag

If you're looking for a new hobby, might I recommend Geocaching.com, Pathtags.com, and letterboxing.org.  Just a few more ways to be creative!