Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The idea of what Heaven might look like unfolded in my mind as we talked about it in class. I played around with some different ideas and came up with a "street of gold in a crystal city". The kids really got interested in it, so I re-worked the design and made copies for them to color too. This was the final one that inspired them to begin telling stories about the people, and apparently mermaids, that live in the Crystal City.
We cannot see the flowers that the little girls pick, or the fountain around the corner to the right. Those are pictures for another day.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Craving marshmallows sketch

The topice at Illustration Friday was"Craving". My family had recently been camping and that's the only time the kids are allowed to eat marshmallows, or the only time I buy them. S'mores! After roasting one of two, and making the whole chocolate/marshmallow/graham cracker sandwich, they still just want to eat marshmallows. And the next day, they still remember the marshmallows are there, and want to eat them right out of the bag. Such a yummy, sweet, soft treat they crave when we are camping.