Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Imaginary Travel to Machu Picchu

©SandraJessop Machu Picchu, watercolor, 6x9"
It always seems that I get the idea to paint an outside wall at the beginning of summer, you know, when the temperatures are regularly above 100ยบ.  Wouldn't it be better to do it in the winter?  Of course!  So why does the heat bring on the urge to paint outdoors?  Maybe it's because I start spending more time looking out the window, or dreaming of a vacation somewhere, as people talk of their summer plans.

Last year I was remembering a trip to Michigan, driving past all the wonderful sunflowers fields, so I painted sunflowers on a naked wall outside my house.  I blogged about it for Creative Every Day and you can see that here.  We originally planted trees/bushes strategically outside windows to cover the view of the block wall.  One year, a fierce storm removed one of those trees (also leaving behind a crack in the window) thus the sunflowers were planted.

Shortly after we moved into this house I painted a toucan scene on a corner wall, to brighten up  a view from inside.  I've alway wanted to continue the mural onto the next wall incorporating some sort of ruins.  In keeping with the South American theme, I decided on a place that fascinates me: Machu Picchu.  I've been scouring the internet for pictures and reading articles about traveling to Peru.  I am a bit saddened by the fact that the number of tourists has increased so dramatically, the area is experiencing problems with pollution and over-crowding.  Last year Peru imposed restrictions on the Inca Trail to limit the number of people and also raised the fee.

Since I will probably never see it in person, I'm making an imaginary trip.  I am still at the beginning of this journey, but wanted to share.  Incidentally, this is a good time of year to visit Machu Picchu, just in case it's on your bucket list.

This is the hidden wall where it will go, near the air conditioner. I did cut a few more branches so I don't get poked in the eye while painting, but I like the idea of it being partially covered.  Lots of drawings, color sketches.  I began chalking the wall to test the placement, as this is something to be seen through the windows of the house.  I'm glad I did because I needed to move the whole thing over about 6 inches.  I also decided I wanted roofs on my buildings.

Figuring out the stonework
Making decisions

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