Friday, November 1, 2013

Spilled milk,Hansel & Gretel, Dry ice

Sometimes what we pour down the drain looks just as interesting as what we make.  Being a watercolorist, I really liked the way this milk experiment cleaned up.

A last minute Trunk or Treat idea had me painting a background in the garage with a neighbor child.  I wish she could have seen how good my car looked when I set it up.  Hansel was caught in a cage near the fire, while Gretel roamed around gathering candy.

We also had some fun with dry ice this Halloween.  My daughter is a huge Steve Spangler fan and encouraged us to to try some different things.  The whole family joined in for smoking water, foaming tubes, boo bubbles, and probably the most impressive - the dry ice crystal ball.  Suspense built as we watched it grow full of mist until it popped and washed over the table.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your table took a beating, but it looks like it was a huge amount of fun. And your spilled milk really IS lovely in an artistic sort of way.

S Vogel Jessop said...

It's a tough table! Thanks for visiting.

Rennata Tropeano said...

I love the way your spilled milk looked. I thought it was a watercolor painting and was thinking what lovely colors.

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S Vogel Jessop said...

Yes, Rennata, as you know, an artist can see beauty anywhere.