Thursday, November 14, 2013

AEDM Day 14

Every once in awhile I remember that I really miss autumn in New England.  My current yard does not fill up with these (see image).  One year, when my kids were feeling nostalgic for a big pile of leaves, we crumpled up a LOT of newspaper and let them roll around in that.  For them, it was great fun, but for me, it lacked the proper "earthy" aroma that comes from nature.  Not to mention the brilliant colors!

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Julie Jordan Scott said...

We don't have many leaves that fall and turn into such pretty colors like those from my New Jersey childhood, either.... but we do have some in Bakersfield. I think because of AEDM I am appreciating them more this year.

Newsprint has a smell completely different from leaves surrendering themselves back to the earth!

Happy AEDM!