Monday, January 25, 2016

Orbit for Illustration Friday

The hummingbird orbits the flower on his approach.  

I started playing around with some new ideas and came up with this one for IF.  A long time ago I painted hummers on pottery for a living using a much more simplistic design.  I took out one of those bamboo brushes that I used to favor,  and tried to give this guy on paper just a bit more detail.  After all, if I do it exactly the same as I used to, how have I grown as an artist? 


Sherry said...

Such a lovely painting! I've enjoyed looking at your blog (found you on CED). Hummingbirds are among my favorite subjects. Your painting made me smile! Have a great weekend. :o)

Sandra Jessop said...

Thanks for visiting, Sherry. I worked on more hummingbirds during the week. I'll be adding those images soon.