Monday, March 24, 2014

Breyer horse repair

I have discovered in keeping an artist's journal, that there are some pages I just don't want to share with anyone.  (Who really wants to see my terrible drawing about a dream of Johnny Depp as a college English tutor). But since creativity comes in all forms I will show you the project my daughter and I worked on today.  Repairing Breyer horses.  Some are hers and some are from my childhood.  We've been playing around with this moldable plastic called InstaMorph and found it to be a lot of fun!  This was one of the old horses from over 30 years ago who survived but was missing two feet and a tail.  We rebuilt those parts out of plastic and glued them back on.  It's a little tricky since it cools quickly, but a quick dip back in the hot water makes it pliable.  Once the glue dries we'll try acrylics.

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