Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I recently saw an old picture of my sister and me. When thinking of ideas for 'Island' I remembered how we used to sit on the couch and pretend we were surrounded by water and couldn't touch the ground. Sometimes we looked through a catalog, picking out the items we would have with us on our island. We chose crazy things that didn't make any sense, but since it was our imagination we could have anything we wanted. I know there were diamond necklaces, emerald earrings, and gold bracelets. It had nothing to do with survival but everything to do with fantasy.


Michelle Scott said...

Ha.. my kids called that "Hot Lava"... Great illustration!

stangy said...

wonderful! looks like a very comfy, velvety island...a good place to be when surrounded by water!

Claudio Rodriguez Valdes said...

Great idea!
Loved it

Thanks for sharing

Claudio Rodriguez Valdes